North Carolina Business & Professional Women’s Clubs (BPW/NC) is a network of North Carolina local clubs committed to empowering working women to fully achieve their potential in their careers. We are a multi-generational, nonpartisan organization with a mission to provide personal and professional growth opportunities and to promote equity in the workplace.

An all-volunteer group

Clubs, we need your help! We are selling bracelets to fund our Grants for Military Women. To read about ordering bracelets to sell at your event, click here.

Events To Help You Grow Professionally!

24 Jul 2014 • Cleveland, Ohio
02 Aug 2014 9:00 AM • NC Advocates for Justice Center, Raleigh, NC
13 Sep 2014 • Washington DC
BPW/NC and its local clubs feature diverse and insightful programs that target the specific interests and needs of women in business and professional careers.

rship at BPW is open to all women and men, and employment is not a requirement.

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