Our mission

To provide personal and professional growth opportunities and to promote equity for North Carolina women in the workplace.

BPW/NC Federation Objectives:

  • To elevate the standards of women in business and in the professions.

  • To promote the interest of business and professional women.

  • To bring about a spirit of cooperation among women of the United States.

  • To extend opportunities to business and professional women through education along the lines of industrial, scientific, and vocational activities.

Our legislative agenda: elimination of sex discrimination in employment, the principle of equal pay, and the need for a comprehensive equal rights amendment. BPW works to achieve full equity for all women in education, government, business and the community.

  • Are you a working woman who sees inequity in your workplace and wants your daughters and nieces to have it better?

  • Are you a business owner who has been told repeatedly that your woman-owned business is just a hobby? 
  • Are you a woman who cares about equality for yourself and your sisters everywhere?

BPW advocates for: Pay Equity | Equal Education | Economic Opportunities

Some of the advocacy tools we use include:

  • Political Awareness & Community Involvement ~ Participate in a wide range of activities and grassroots efforts to raise awareness of issues affecting working women at local and state levels.

  • Personal & Professional Development ~ Attend workshops and programs designed to enhance professional skills and leadership abilities, such as Individual Development, WEE Women Empowered and Enlightened Events, Young Careerist and BPW/NC Career Woman of the Year.

  • Scholarships ~ Assist women through scholarships to further formal education.

  • Networking Events to Connect with other Motivated Women ~ Connect with other motivated working women, network professionally, share contacts and exchange information to enhance your business thorough local programs, as well as within the state of North Carolina.

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